Friday, March 22, 2013

The nursery (the first one)

So this is a little late, and I posted it awhile back with no real info, but I figured I should get up the details of Ruth's nursery (which was decorated with us not knowing if it would be a boy or girl) before I start on the next little one's nursery.

I LOVE Ruth's room. It is such a sanctuary and is just pure joy. Maybe it is the colors, maybe it is the dresser, maybe the rug, or maybe just what the room represents. Either way, it delights my soul and I think the room truly matches our little doll so well.

Here is the budget/what we spent as well as the commentary for anyone wondering what to do:

Total Spent: $480

(Thanks to my parents, otherwise you could add $200 onto that)

Paint: $40.   This included paint for the walls and the dresser. The yellow and mint were both Martha Stewart from Home Depot and while I like Martha, her paint is not that great (especially on the dresser).

And PS: our house was built in the 60s so we used the indentations on the wood paneling and that made it quite easy to do the stripes :)

Curtains and pullbacks: $40 from Target-since then we had to add black out curtains so the adorable look is gone.

Dresser/changing table: $150    This was a gem of a find on craigslist. It was seriously in perfect condition-and for you wood lovers, I apologize, because I sanded and painted it :) I searched for "antique buffet." This one was made in the 1950s.

Crib/mattress: $225  (but this was a gift from my amazing parents).  Crib is found here. I am in love.

Shelves in closet and on wall: $52 Ikea. Here and here.  The Antonius baskets were bought on a super sale for $10 each instead of the regular $19.99.

Chair: $69 Ikea Poang chair with natural colored cushion.  I love the comfort of this chair although I wish it had higher arms (to rest on when you have been up 6 times a night).  Trust me-they may be ugly but Lazy-boys make a lot of sense for a nursing chair.

Nightstand table: $0 (found at a garage sale years ago).

Lamp on dresser and mirror: $0 (found at a garage sale years ago)

Sheepskin rug: $129, Costco (and seriously the best rug EVER). They charge quite a bit for shipping so it is best to find it at a local Costco (they are seasonal).

Lamp on nightstand, mobile and switchplate cover: All Matt's from when he was little :)

Let me know if you have any questions! 

Love, Anna N


  1. um...this is seriously So adorable:) LOVE it girl!

  2. Love this! We are expecting in September too and I'm planning to use the same crib you have for Ruth. Just love the simple, vintage feel of it. I've also been scouring Craigslist for buffets! Great minds think alike!


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