Monday, April 01, 2013


This last weekend was a huge blessing.  Easter is definitely my favorite holiday-it restores my heart just in knowing that Jesus is so real and is changing the lives of tons of people I know (as well as my own). And that the Author of my story (as long as I let Him), is a million times greater, and more powerful and gracious, than I. Where my eloquence fails, His grace and mercy abound.  And Jesus means forgiveness-which releases anyone who chooses from bitterness and guilt and shame.  And who wouldn't want that???

Onto the singular "tears" word of the title:

I met a gal on Saturday, at the most delightful Easter egg hunt (of which Ruth just ate fruit, smiled and said "hi" to everyone, and fell madly in love with a huge foam pit), who has just gone through a huge change in her life. I knew part of her story because one of my besties has been directly involved.  This lady is beautiful, has four little ones, and has been married 12 years.  Within the first two minutes of speaking with her, I was in tears. And so was she. Beauty overtook us.

Then last night at church, singing a song about Jesus's resurrection, I had to fight back tears that seemed to be drawing my mascara down my face. Multiple times.

Then last week we found out one of our friends, who happens to be besties with one of the gals we do dinner with every Wednesday night, was put on hospice at the age of 30. She has a six month old son. And a husband of only 1.5 years. And I balled. I am crying just typing this.

And that gal, that I wrote of above, is in perfect peace. PERFECT. Hope rules her life and her story (this is her third fight with brain cancer) and Jesus is her everything. She only asked for prayer for her family...not even for her pain.

And I cried more when I read that she wrote that.

And then I thought, one of the most beautiful things about my life is that Jesus gives us hearts that are moved.  And mine, pregnant or not, has rarely ever made it through one day without tearing up-whether it be joy or sorrow.

I pray you know Jesus and you experience His beauty everyday and that you get to live a life that is filled with tears. Because while some are from brokenness, many are from overwhelming beauty and from stories that catch your heart and your soul by surprise and take your life soaring.

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  1. oh Anna. What a lovely post. So sorry about your friend. I will be praying for her family.


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