Friday, April 26, 2013

Your imagination, please.

The nursery for...HENRY (we found out yesterday we have a little man in there!) is quite the project. Mainly because the room is 10' x 4'10". The room was built to be a photo darkroom back in the 1960s and actually only has a skylight and no windows.

Here are some pictures to get your mind thinking :) Sorry the quality is not that great. We painted stripes awhile ago because it was an office/craft room.

Most cribs are 4'6" which means we would have to put the crib together in the exact place and take it apart in the exact place.  The only problem here lies in the fact that if any of the installation has to occur on the ends of the crib...

So-we are brainstorming possibly this crib instead.  It is 38" wide versus 54". Thoughts?

Babyletto Grayson Mini Crib via

Please let us know if you have any ideas for this manly little space!  We are also thinking of painting two of the walls navy and also, sadly, getting rid of the chandelier and maybe getting this fixture below (but I am yet to really research very many little man things!).

Also, you must see these two items that I found via a friend on pinterest. What are the odds that this amazing company only makes five of these dolls and two are named Henry and Ruthie?!?!?!?!  Divine.

And my husband has a big fox tattoo...

Henry the Fox via

Ruthie the Deer (dear) via
Thank you for any help!

xo, Anna N


  1. CONGRATS!!!! So excited for you! I have followed you on pintrest fun! We actually have Ellie's room coral and navy. :) So love the navy idea. Wanted you to know we have a mini crib for her too.....and it should last a while. But we have a big baby...and I think we are gonna need to get a "normal" sized one at some point in the future before she gets to a toddler bed. No because she takes up the mattress....but it seems like she will eventually be able to climb up it and it could be a hazard. ???? Just food for thought. I LOVE the one you chose though! Also....look into which sheets you want for it first too...cause they are harder to come by. I bought mine here... (We also bought the firm, deeper thicker mattress for it...which makes sheets harder.) Can't wait to see the end result of your nursery!!!! SO EXCITING!!!! :)

  2. I love that you get a son too. How exciting! And I'm sorry about the chandelier. It's so pretty. If anyone can make that space heavenly, it's you. Have fun my friend!


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