The Wedding.

 The most beautiful day ever.  At least within the 30 years I have lived.  Marrying the man that exceeded my dreams, in the most beautiful setting, with the most beautiful/amazing/gifted/lovely people. Oh, and we had Chipotle, a BBQ and a wood-burning pizza oven (so many lovely things!).  

We dated for only six months and were engaged for three (when you know, you know...and you get married!).  All of my girls knew I would know when I met the right person and just get married and sure enough, that is what happened!


PS: Thank you, Jesus for making all things possible.  You have blown away my heart and soul with how beautiful you have made our lives.  I am forever in awe of all You have given us.  You are the beauty that brought the most beautiful man in the world into my life. Your grace is abundant and your love...well, my husband shows me that every day.



  1. LOVE. your wedding pictures! sooo lovely:)

  2. Beautiful!! Love seeing weddings:)


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