About moi

Me and my goofy man.

{A few little details about moi}

-I am incredibly humbled to be married to the most amazing, handsome man I know (his name means "gift from God").
-I love Jesus.  I so desperately want to be more like Him and see people experience His grace and forgiveness. I am far from it so many days yet so encompassed by grace
-I love yellow, lemonade, mint and Disneyland.
-I actually like Oregon winters (8-9 months)...kind of enjoy the rain and clouds.
-I wish I liked running more than I do.
-I am insanely blessed by great parents and in-laws...and more sisters and a brother...and nieces and a nephew.
-My friends are beautiful-inside and out.
-I heart my Vita-mix (please, go get one)
-I love blended coffee drinks.  Thus, I love sugar.
-We don't watch TV (gasp!).
-I only tend to read true stories
   -"Same Kind of Different as Me"
   -"Severe Mercy"
   -The Bible
-I love old things: books, clothes, wood, houses, people.
-I love scrabble, playing bananagrams with my hubby, and words.
-I really like my husband (did I say that already?)
-We have a beautiful little girl named Ruth and another little one due in September!
xoxo, Anna N

{ email me at sotrulylovely@gmail.com }