Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Top 10 things about baby

I thought I would follow along with Amanda over at Marshalls Abroad (she is purely perfect-highly recommend reading her blog) regarding some things/updates on this pregnancy!

Here we go!

1. How Far Along: 14.5 weeks! Our little one is about the size of an apple (or pick a similar fruit).  Everything looks super-duper healthy! Hallelujah. Barely showing, only at night, and haven't gained any weight (yet).  

2. Different with another little one:  I am quite sure the lack of weight gain is due to the fact that Ruth would like to eat all of my food. Every time I go to eat anything she says, "Num!". Which is her way of saying, "Please, mommy."  Also, there isn't a lot of downtime with a 13 month old so I often forget I am pregnant.

3. Cravings/Aversions: Strangely, nothing.  Last time I didn't want Mexican food/Chipotle for the first trimester (which is shocking given we had Chipotle at our wedding because I love it that much...and now I think I just talked myself into ordering it for lunch).  

4. Symptoms:  The only real pregnancy symptom I get is going to the bathroom between 5-7 times during the middle of the night...I will take it in place of nausea and sickness and I am so sorry to anyone who gets those symptoms.

5. What I miss: wine :) That's about it.

6. Clothing changes: Nothing maternity yet although I can feel the "thickening" and the jeans getting a smidgeon tighter. I have been on a maxi-skirt kick and hoping it lasts into the summer (I tend to get chubby feet at the end and would rather them be hidden)

7. Sleep: The first trimester was full of mid-morning naps but thankfully that crazy fatigue period is over.

8. Emotions: I think I am still in recovery mode for how different marriage was/is with children.  Marriage is such an amazing thing but only becomes amazing with tons of work and compromise. So yes, so I don't keep dodging the question, my emotions have been a little high and I cry quite easily but nothing too dramatic (don't ask Matt:)).  

9. Boy or Girl? I really don't seem to care! I would love to have another girl so Ruth could have a sister but I am totally in for whatever Jesus has in the works. And yes, we are finding out this time!!!  We didn't with Ruth and it was AMAZING.  Everyone, aside from three people, thought it would be a boy.  I carried high, only out in front, she moved a TON, and I had great skin...and then out pops a little girl!

10. Names? We do have names picked out but will wait to release until we find out who this little one truly is (in regards to boy or girl)

Love, Anna


  1. So glad you're blogging again!! Love you! And Ruth! And little one! And your Blog =)


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