Thursday, March 29, 2012


gallimaufry: one of my favorite words
-also means hodgepodge
-also exactly what life is right now

Cooking this:

Emerils Turkey Burgers

With my new obsession of making homemade brioche buns (recipe here):
i made slider size buns last night!

(finished yesterday-MUST READ)


Miss Punkie Bean (grandma's nickname)

EIGHT weeks:
-she still is not that into sleeping...eek.
-she loves her mornings and smiles and coos and giggles all morning
-she doesn't like her carseat or car rides. I thought all babies liked those!!!
-she loves her daddy and he can make her giggle
-she has the most adorable, big, blue eyes
-she doesn't like to fall asleep without being held or rocked (oops)
-she loves sucking on her hands and really wishes she could fit both of them

Kind of in love (like a lot)

xoxo, A lady trying to figure out how to be a momma and a wife

Monday, March 19, 2012

What's in a name.

Ruth (Hebrew): friend

I saw a woman at church last night who had read Matt and I's story and she saw me carrying little Ruth and teared up...she said, "You had a Ruth!"  I then teared up because I remembered how faithful, once again, that God truly is.  Talk about a perfect Author to my life story.  

Here is our story in case you haven't read it yet-it still encourages me and reminds me that God's ways are about a million times greater than mine.  

Then I looked up the picture of Ruth that the story centered around and realized she has almost the exact smile our beautiful daughter has!  Pretty, ridiculously perfect.  

They both have smiles that light up their entire faces...

As is His way.

Sorry our Ruth is a little blurry-she gets really excited and won't stop moving :)

xoxo, Anna

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mercy Reigns.

"The problem with getting great things from God 
is being able to hold on in the last half hour."

Streams in the Desert-March 5th

I am pretty sure that our having a baby has made you all realize that I am quite honest and forthright with our life.  I have not been too quick to candy-coat how hard it has been and how strong I am not.  The song below is the one I walked down the aisle to and now I realize how true it is and how it is weaving its way through my life.  

God is good and He knows I was made for this.

I was made to be a mother.  And Lord willing, an amazing one.

And thank you, Jesus, for answering my cry last night for sleep.  Seriously, SO NEEDED.*  You hear me and You love me and I am humbled so much by the fact that you gave us our beautiful little girl (and gee, what can I even begin to say about my beautiful husband that you set apart for me?).  

*I will blog later about the sleep thing...

mercy reigns

by shane barnard

she hides her face, it seems too good
for Your embrace to find her
and say, "my dove, your voice is sweet
show me your form... your form is lovely"

Your mercy reigns
Your mercy comes
Your mercy falls
and rises with the sun
Your mercy reigns
Your mercy comes
Your mecy falls
and rises with the sun

It's new every morning
It's new every morning
It's good enough for me 

No ear has heard a melody
as sweet as yours for her
It seems too good, so undeserved
my heart faints now, for we are her

Your mercy reigns
Your mercy comes
Your mercy falls
and rises with the sun
Your mercy reigns
Your mercy comes
Your mercy falls
and rises with the sun

I will abide in Your love, Your love

Oh, and to celebrate Ruth and I (and my beautiful mom and husband) sleeping for more than 1.5 hours at a time, I bought this hat :) I LOVE kate spade

Monday, March 12, 2012


What a beautiful thing to watch: a man love his little girl.  I love this man so much (so so so much) and I am so thrilled Ruth has him as her daddy. I am in love witnessing it.

PS: Finally pumped and daddy gave her the first bottle (just so maybe someday momma will sleep for more than 2.5 hours).

Totally in love with her cheeks. Oh the softness and purity of a baby...


Thursday, March 01, 2012

Downton Abbey.

Slight addiction here.

Husband and I watched all of Season 1 and 2 in five days of this PBS must. watch. this. show.  You can watch season 1 on netflix and currently PBS is offering season 2 in streaming. We don't have a TV and I was so thankful PBS streamed it! 

(PS: We LOVE not having a TV...totally different subject but I now can't watch it at all because the commercials drive me insane).

Again, must watch Downton Abbey. We are already organizing a party for Season 3 that starts in September.