Monday, March 12, 2012


What a beautiful thing to watch: a man love his little girl.  I love this man so much (so so so much) and I am so thrilled Ruth has him as her daddy. I am in love witnessing it.

PS: Finally pumped and daddy gave her the first bottle (just so maybe someday momma will sleep for more than 2.5 hours).

Totally in love with her cheeks. Oh the softness and purity of a baby...



  1. Completely adorable! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Ruth will get the whole sleep thing! Just when you think they will never EVER sleep during the night, they finally start to stretch it out longer. One tip that worked for all 3 of my kids (that you may have already heard!) is moving them out of your room at night. I pushed my kids bassinet into our closet or hallway, and ran a fan in my room for some noise. By doing this I only heard them when they were crying for food, and not every time they moved or where just fussing/grunting in their sleep. I got so much better sleep this way because we get super hearing when we become moms :) She really is beautiful!!

  3. Oh my gosh! Those are so precious! And I am already experiencing that in love with/obsessed with Ian being a dad. He is seriously SOOOOOO excited about our baby and can't stop talking about it and saying things like "I can't wait to.... with our kid". Warms my heart. And makes me so grateful for being married to such an awesome man. Not everyone has that...

    Also, I started watching Downtown Abbey because of your last post and I'm loving it!


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