Thursday, March 29, 2012


gallimaufry: one of my favorite words
-also means hodgepodge
-also exactly what life is right now

Cooking this:

Emerils Turkey Burgers

With my new obsession of making homemade brioche buns (recipe here):
i made slider size buns last night!

(finished yesterday-MUST READ)


Miss Punkie Bean (grandma's nickname)

EIGHT weeks:
-she still is not that into sleeping...eek.
-she loves her mornings and smiles and coos and giggles all morning
-she doesn't like her carseat or car rides. I thought all babies liked those!!!
-she loves her daddy and he can make her giggle
-she has the most adorable, big, blue eyes
-she doesn't like to fall asleep without being held or rocked (oops)
-she loves sucking on her hands and really wishes she could fit both of them

Kind of in love (like a lot)

xoxo, A lady trying to figure out how to be a momma and a wife


  1. I saw you from accross the building Sunday night and wanted to scream you and Ruth looked so cute together! And that brioche-yum!

  2. Aww your little peanut looks so happy! Don't worry the sleeping thing will get better and easier! Promise :)

  3. Sawyer HATED her car seat. We switched her out of the infant seat and into her convertible car seat and it made a HUGE difference. She's always in the Ergo or another soft carrier so I haven't missed the infant seat as much as I thought I would. Sawyer is also not that fond of sleep so I feel your pain or should I say exhaustion?! Good luck, mama!


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