Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Obsession and truth


Things are so much better now.  I mean so much so to the point that I actually cannot seem to remember how awful they were (sleep deprivation is a form of torture as my wise mother pointed out) and now I am already excited to one day, Lord willing, have another wee one.

Mainly because I won't be gripped with fear, anxiety, a feeling of failure, etc.  All these emotions that I truly never experienced before until the first few weeks Ruthie was here.  

Praise Jesus they are all gone. I mean I still don't feel like the world's greatest mom and I will admit to being jealous of her smiling relentlessly at her little frog, aka: Prince Charming (pic below), but things are getting so much better and I actually believe God now when I hear Him say, "You were made for this."


And I am OBSESSED with her.  I mean those cheeks, those eyes, those expressions, those perfect hands that are getting little rolls at the wrists...I LOVE all of it.  The way she just looks at me when she's is eating-nothing in the world will ever feel like THIS.

I still can't believe God thought up marriage (Awesome) and then topped it off (kind of like adding brownies and snickers and berries to your yogurt..and granola for Erin:)) with babies.


And the grandparents thing-I mean seriously, so THANKFUL for my amazing parents and them babysitting Ruthie twice in the last week (and my mother for staying the night well into Ruthie being six weeks...yep, that's right, six weeks).

She loves this mobile (it was daddy's)

She literally sits in her carseat and just talks and smiles at this little frog (Prince Charming). The cutest thing ever.

Mommy and daddy date night (we redid our first date). I wore the gorgeous Kate Spade necklace hubby got me for my birthday...and a new little frock from H&M.

My view sometimes. Oh. My. Goodness. Cuteness.

Our hottie friends celebrating Dan's birthday (he is the one looking too cool for school...yep, that one).
Off to get my hair "did" and then tonight one of our friends is having a Sader (Passover) meal. So awesome!  We get to hear the story of Jesus so many times this week!

Amen and again, halle-lujah.

xoxo, Anna

PPS: I am on instagram as sotrulylovely (I LOVE it)


  1. Wow, she does like her prince - who could blame her! ;) What a sweet family so have Anna!

  2. so i randomly just stumbled across your blog and i was coming down here to comment on the adorable baby and then i saw the timbers picture! i just moved to portland last year!
    xx jes, newest follower

  3. yeah:) can't wait to hear about the seder dinner you went to. Kevin and I did one with our life group last was really beautiful in such a holy way. enjoy today, love Katie!


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