Monday, March 19, 2012

What's in a name.

Ruth (Hebrew): friend

I saw a woman at church last night who had read Matt and I's story and she saw me carrying little Ruth and teared up...she said, "You had a Ruth!"  I then teared up because I remembered how faithful, once again, that God truly is.  Talk about a perfect Author to my life story.  

Here is our story in case you haven't read it yet-it still encourages me and reminds me that God's ways are about a million times greater than mine.  

Then I looked up the picture of Ruth that the story centered around and realized she has almost the exact smile our beautiful daughter has!  Pretty, ridiculously perfect.  

They both have smiles that light up their entire faces...

As is His way.

Sorry our Ruth is a little blurry-she gets really excited and won't stop moving :)

xoxo, Anna


  1. I just read your love story (again) and can't even tell you how much it encourages me. One day I would love to sit down and tell you, either on the phone, or (even better) face-to-face, how many similarities I see in your story and mine. I am blown away by the little details and don't think I've ever told you how much God has used your story to encourage mine. So just know that someday I will tell you, and in the meantime, thank you for being a woman who is willing to tell stories of God's greatness. Aren't we so glad that the Almighty Creator of the Universe writes our love story and not us? :) Thanks again.


    And your Ruth is so beautiful.

  2. Ruth is an excellent name! My sister-in-law's name is Ruth and her grandma!



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