Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Must read. Now. LOVE DOES.

So as is normal for me, I already gave away this book without finishing it...oops.  That is the way I roll. If I am reading something remarkable and feel someone needs it more than me I either give away my copy or go and buy ten more copies and give those away.

This is another one of those books.  

LOVE DOES. by bob goff

Go purchase this today.  If you want to laugh, hear stories of what it would be like to actually live a life fully alive, then read this.

Here is the youtube video:

Did you buy it yet?  Trust me on this one (and all the other ones). And no, I haven't read Hunger Games and I really don't think I ever will...I get nightmares from stories like that.  

xoxo, Anna N

PS: I am now going to buy another so I can actually finish the book :)


  1. Ian brought home a copy of Love Does for me that Bob Goff personally signed and wrote a note in specifically for me and I pretty much peed myself with excitement. The book is so inspiring and convicting all at the same time! I have yet to finish it though too...

  2. Hi from Africa!! Read love does and then gave it to one of my new found friends in ethiopia!! Such a good book!! Love the pics of u and rurhie!!! Miss u guys!! Love heather and my new friend sitting next to me naina she is 6 and says hello!!


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