Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Apple full?

Why yes...somehow I have too much on my laptop and have purged all I care to purge so until I get an external hard drive, the photos from the beach and other happenings will be delayed. 


Oh...and my UGGS...another tiddlywinks.  They finally bit the dust. Well, to be honest, they started to smell (after four years!).  Yuck.  I might have dumped baking soda in them just to see if it would help.  And do you know they raised the price? I NEVER buy shoes. Maybe two pairs a year so the sweet hubby told me to go get new ones :)  I think he knows my love affair with those shoes. 

And then there is this sweet thing.  I hope you all get to meet her. She is quite the light. 

Sweet girl-I couldn't love you more. 

I told Matt that loving you is like being a huge plastic bag full of water with tiny holes all over and someone is pushing on the sides.  Love just gushes out :)


  1. you are TOO cute, and so is Ruthie!! hope you are doing well sweet girl:) love Katie

  2. LOVE this photo Anna. So darn precious.

  3. Ah! This picture is so priceless!!

  4. So cute! I think external hard drives should be given as shower presents...what parent doesn't fill their computer/phone with pics of their baby?! Also you're so kind to think that I'm super mom...but I totally wrote those " packing your bag" posts while I was waiting for the wee one to come- he took his sweet time just like big brother, so it kept my mind off of things. :)

  5. What a sweet picture! Love to meet Ruthie! Thanks to your dear Mom for sharing! Love to you Anna & your sweet daughter. Lisette


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