Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Letter to my daughter

Oh dearest, most beautiful, Ruthie...

I can't believe you have been here only three months.  It seems like I have known you my entire life and have been set apart for you (and your daddy) since the beginning of time.

Here are my prayers for you; prayers for your heart, your beauty, your way:

-that you continue to be pure joy. May you always just be smiling at people even when they aren't looking at you like you do now (melt).

-that you continue to love people the way you do.  You met a 90+ year old woman named Helen in Freddies and we bought her coffee...then you talked to her and smiled at her like you had known her your entire life (you were only 2.5 months old).  To be honest, I didn't even understand what she was saying but you did. Do you know how much that touched her heart??? She started crying hysterically when we left. May you continue to show God's love to everyone and make everyone feel beautiful.  I truly think you made her feel like she was five again...I admire you.

-I don't care if you are brilliant, I just want you to be lovely and compassionate (you already are).

-I pray you come to know who God is at a very young age and then from there go out and share how beautiful He is and tell the story of forgiveness and hope.

-I pray you are the hands and feet of God's love for people and that you let everyone around you know that they are worth it and they are loved.

-I pray you change the world. Not for your sake, or my sake, or daddy's sake, but for His sake.
-I pray that you live big, not safe.  That you know that faith is worth living out fully.

-I pray that you don't seek comfort but you seek the highest beauty you can know on God's green earth.  Love does.

I just teared up talking to you here on the couch. Why? Because you come alive when people talk to you and you have a smile that lights up a room (and my heart).

You are God's promise of my beautiful life and all He has done.  May you know love in a deeper way every day. 

I pray I am the best momma to you.

I love you more than my heart knew was possible.

Love, your humble momma

PS: You rolled over yesterday from your back to your front.  It was epic.


  1. This is so truly lovely Anna. :) And it's true, I don't know that I've ever seen a smile quite like hers. She's beautiful.

  2. I loved this post Anna. You are such a poetic writer. My fav was "I pray that you live big, not safe." What a cool prayer. You are such a great mommy! I wish I saw you more.

  3. My darling daughter, this brought tears to my eyes and truly warmed my heart - as you have done all your life!! I am so thrilled you get to experience the precious, incredible love of a child. Of course, I might be a little more thrilled that I get to experience the unbelievable joy of being grandmother to this smiling, happy, adorable, loving beauty! We join you in prayer for her life and yours as her blessed parents!

  4. Love. This is so sweet. BEAUTIFUL story of the woman in Fred Meyer.....awe. Sweet girl, sweet mama. :) Love you friend!!!

  5. i've been checking in on you from time to time and I must say....your life is to truly lovely and beautiful.



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