Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Who he is.

This is the man I married. 

The man who will soon be the father of our baby, the man who I aspire to be more like everyday, the man who I cherish more than I thought humanly possible.  

God is so real and this man is living proof of who He can be in in our lives when we actually know the Maker (contrary to popular belief-I am not the one instructing this baby on how to grow:)).

My sister's photography rocks:

Baby-boy do I love you.  You are so beautiful to me.  I love your muscles, too.


  1. gosh I love that video!! I love Matt's transparency and honesty. It's such a beautiful thing! Cute that a baby faced Andy was in it too :) You married a good man and I am so thankful for Matt's friendship over the years in mine and Andy's lives. We love you guys! and baby Norman who will be here SO SO SOON!!!

  2. what beautiful pictures. you two are the best!


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