Monday, January 23, 2012


I will do a recap on the "party-life" we lead in the next few days but I just read something that touched me so much that I had to share.  One of the pastor's wives at our church writes a blog and today she posted on marriage and the necessity of friendship.

As you can tell, I am a HUGE (literally, 39 weeks preggo, pic below) fan of great marriages.  My husband and I last night were talking about how we feel so blessed to love being married and were pondering what we were called to do with this. After all, we are all blessed only to go out and be a blessing to others.

I always tell people that marriage is for friendship (this is also ALL over the Timothy Keller book we are reading, "The Meaning of Marriage).  I not only love my husband-immensely, I also really, really, really like my husband.

To be honest-for all of you single gals, this makes dating a lot easier.  If you are looking for a great friend, so much pressure is taken off.  God is often quite great and often throws in the fact that your "great friend" also happens to be ridiculously handsome and can make you laugh like no other :)

Please enjoy the article and here is a pic of the wee one with one week left...

Don't you wonder who is in there??? Ruth or Henry???

Oh, and here is my best friend/lover/husband/confidant/protector/etc.

xoxo, Anna N

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