Tuesday, January 17, 2012

38 weeks.

Somehow the baby is in the middle today. That is a cow on our floor.

Less than two weeks!
I have less than two weeks left-in theory.  The doctor, who we adore, even gave us a personal note (I call it a "hall pass") so they will personally call him when I go in so hopefully we can have him do the delivery!  

I met with my dula/friend/mentor/sister yesterday and went through how to keep things calm and to truly enjoy and cherish every moment of this little one entering this side of the world.

I had a shower last weekend thrown by my beautiful sis, mom and the amazing Courtney and was abundantly blessed by amazing friends and family.  We seriously have everything we need to get "rolling" and I can't believe how generous our friends are.

(Pics to come)

Things to know about yourself, baby:

-you love to move.  And your feet just switched from the right side to the left side of my tummy. And no, you can't come out the front of my tummy like you have been trying.

-Your daddy is the most solid (physically and mentally) man I know. And he LOVES to dance.

-You are measuring at 36 weeks (odd because I was measuring ahead the whole time and now I am not).

-The doctor thinks you might be a boy.

-You might be up for a competition of being the most loved baby in the womb (thanks, mom:)). Wait til' they can kiss you!

-You have the best dad in the whole, wide, circular, rotating on a 13 degree axis, world.

-We promise to raise you as godly parents and love you in all the ways that Jesus loves us. Which is abundantly and unconditionally...

Side Bar

So Matt for Christmas said he would take me shopping to Forever 21 after the wee one arrives (he said he would "send me" and I asked if he would come :)  Need someone to hold that precious lil'!

Back to the clothing (our little one is currently naked and I am guessing will always prefer that).  I have been scouting while looking for "neutral clothing" and here is what momma-to-be would like to be donning in a few months.

-I love silk. Mucho.
-I love color. Mucho.
-I love ruffles and lace.
-I like good prices.


  1. Oh this last Rory top especially looks like you! YAY-you guys are getting so close! And you look fabulous!!!

  2. I can't wait to love on baby Norman! You look beautiful in those photos :)

  3. Lookin' good!
    Ellie and I were sorry to miss your shower last weekend. Babies showers are fun, and we would have been happy to celebrate with you. We can't wait to meet Henry/Ruth. The Albany Normans will all be on the way to Portland as soon as we hear that he or she is born.

  4. Soooo exciting! I love that all these babies will be so close in age! :) Also, I'm totally jealous you got a hall pass...our doc loves us but I'm not sure she loves us that much! You will be amazing little mama.
    PS: you will have so much fun shopping...but stock up on the burp rags if you plan on getting lots of silk! ;)


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