Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Less than 3 weeks...

In theory.  The doctor said my body was "doing nothing" in regards to getting ready for having the wee one and I am quite alright with that. I know that my body and the wee one will decide at just the right time when to make the big (hopefully not "too big") reveal.

Crazy, huh?  There is nothing in the world that can prepare for your entire identity changing in the blink of an eye (with labor of course...).  Kind of in the same way that one moment Matt and I said "I do" and the next minute I went from being Anna Wright to being Anna Norman. An entirely new identity-an unconditional commitment (praise God for coming up with marriage-I quite adore this man).

Here are a few things we have been up to:

1) This used to be a lion painting (see below).  It is very large...5'x4'.  It is being transformed into something a little less jungly.  I had the initial idea but of course the brilliant husband came up with even more ways to make it such a fun piece and more artsy.  Hopefully it will be done within the next few days...I know the Lion is awesome but my design imagination couldn't go that big.

2) Husband is taking me walking.  I know you might want to hear that I worked out all of my pregnancy but that would be such a farce.  I have literally been on 6 walks since being pregnant.  Yes, I can count them on two hands.  I so plan on getting back into this working out thing after baby arrives.

3) I found Juanita's chips in large bags: also known as, "Fiesta size."  If you know my husband, you might know these are one of his favorite things-EVER.  I make sure the pantry is always stocked but thankfully, a once a year trip to Winco, revealed that I don't have to put them on the list as often.

Does anyone else feel that place feels like the old TV show, "Supermarket Sweep?"

4) My husband's recent reading-well one of the many books he has been reading. This book is fantastic and a must for any new dad. I just wish there was a mommy version...I am relying a little too much on God's grace and the intuition He gives.

5) You. Must. Read. This. Book.  Single, dating, married...it is incredible.  You might have noted I am a LARGE Timothy Keller fan (technically with the belly I am now "large" in the literal sense:)).  This book is amazing whether you are a Christian or not. Such an amazing perspective on selfishness, marriage, independence, culture, etc.  We read it each night before we go to bed.  It is lovely.

You are lovely, too.

xoxo, Anna N


  1. love you! cannot wait to see the outcome of your newest project! can wait to meet Ru-enry :) xo

  2. Loving the painting transformation! And I appreciate the book recommendation! I have a list going of "books to read" and needed one more to get free shipping-YAY! :) 3 weeks, so exciting!

  3. Keller's book was already on my list... Sounds like I need to move it up to the top. :) We miss you guys. I know the little one arrives soon, but if you'd like to have a night off from making dinner between now and then, we would love to have you over!


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