Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Four weeks to go.

AKA: 36 weeks in.

Incredibly hard to believe that 9 months ago I quit my job and then...poof...10 days later, prego!  Here we are in the last four weeks before God blesses us with a little boy (please be just like my husband) or a little girl (please marry someone just like your daddy).

EVERYTHING our mothers said about being pregnant is true. Yes, you think you have grown and then the last six weeks hits and you then think you were the tiniest thing before that. Oh, and I thought I was "showing" at six months...little did I know.

It is an insanely beautiful, no-words, life/body/soul altering experience to be pregnant.  I know I will miss it when wee one arrives but I am excited to understand a little more about how our parents love us so much.

The clincher to these pics is when I "thought I was showing..." at 3.5 months. Don't laugh. On 2nd thought, you probably should. 

14 weeks-3.5 months.  Looking forward to that "showing" stomach again :)
21 Weeks.

22 Weeks.

24 Weeks-5 months.
28 Weeks-7 months.

30 weeks-7.5. months.

36 Weeks-9 months...

Babe-this is for you :)
xoxo, Anna N and wee one


  1. cute cute cute cute cute! and yes, even after being uncomfortable those last months and being so excited to hold Poppy... I do miss having her inside! Enjoy every moment :)

  2. simply adorable! aren't our bodies amazing during pregnancy? the amazingness continues afterwards too:-) You'll shrink right back down! xoxo

  3. you are so darling! wish i was able to see the belly in person but glad you have your blog and now instagram :) can't wait to see the little girl or boy!! enjoy these last days xo

  4. You're ADORABLE!! That bump is sticking out and proud-just like it should be! Beautiful, so excited for you guys! Whoever this little one grows up to be they are so very blessed to have parents like you. :)

  5. I have a journal entry, leaning my journal on my belly and then Elliot kicked a leg out, and the pen scribbled across the page. His first "writings" Be still, ALOT. To just bask in these last weeks as a husband and wife. And a few pushes and your momma and poppa. Be still ALOT to pray over the heart of your unborn child that God chose for the two of you. Only you two were chosen for this little precious sweet baby. Praying God's continued joy as you see that squishy face for the first time. You sure make a pregnant lady look beautiful.

  6. You guys are seriously the cutest!! Can't wait to hear about when little baby Norman arrives, could be any time!! Remember out little Khloe arrived almost 4 weeks early (just 2 days after her daddy was at your wedding)!!! Good luck with everything in the coming weeks, we will be thinking of you!!!


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