Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Photo ops.

My lovely sister (see her here) took pictures of handsome and I (and the wee one) a few weeks back.  Needless to say, she did an amazing job. I however realized why I dislike anything labeled "maternity" and why I have now only purchased 5 maternity items total (3 in the last few days)...reason being-my torso is slightly long so the "band" hits right in the middle. So inconvenient!

And it was about 30 degrees.  Some chic decided to wear short sleeves.  "Pregnancy brain."

The next photo was a dress that I bought while working at Ralph six years ago. I altered it quite a bit and it "fit" two weeks before this picture. lost its "fit" in under two weeks.

Did I mention how much my husband makes me laugh?  Please marry men that make you laugh.

32 week update: Doc said that most women who are taller measure smaller at this point for a reason I don't remember. Not our case :) Our baby is quite healthy and loving the extra space. Kind of like a goldfish that grows to its tank size.  I am starting to pray it comes a little bit early.  

Oh-and this baby is a MOVER.  To the point that I screamed in the car today because it took a pretty big jab near my ribs. I am glad to know it is there (just in case the large tummy didn't solidify that).  It spent 3 hours non-stop the other night doing tae-bo movements. If only I worked out as much as the wee one...


  1. these pics are adorable! and yay for a healthy, moving babe : )

  2. you are too cute :) love you!

  3. Oh my. How do you do it?! How do you pull off looking so effortlessly gorgeous & comfortable while pregnant!? And might I add you have the most adorable baby belly. I wish I had an ounce of your maternity style. Where in the world do you shop?


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