Sunday, December 04, 2011

Weekend (day) away.


Husband and I went away to Cannon Beach Lodge Friday to just relax and take in some sunshine, complete with an ocean, which is a rarity in Oregon.  I would go anywhere with this man, anytime, anyday.

PS: I LOVE my Hunter boots.  Pics below.  I truly love things that are functional and sassy (somehow I do not think my Uggs fall into this).

PPS: My husband got me the Kate Spade Fiorella necklace I was ooodling over :)  I might have sent him one or two emails when I found it on sale...maybe.  You know me and bargains.  She is a beauty and since I pretty much never wear jewelry, this will be a special one.

I hope you had a ridiculously blessed weekend.

xoxo, Anna N

I know the Reason for the season and He does this sort of stuff :)  

I was sooo happy to be standing in this mini river!


  1. looking Gorgeous mama! seriously! little Ruth or Henry will be here sooooo soon! love you! Happy Birthday!

    oh and, we wanna see the house!

  2. Such pretty pictures and that necklace is gorgeous! Good job Matt! Love seeing your cute belly :)


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