Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Painting podcasts.

Since I have been painting for nearly three weeks now (on and off, of course)...I thought I would give you an update on what I listen to while I dazzle the historically pink walls to white.

Have you ever heard of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC?  I stumbled upon his book, "The Reason for God" and then my husband told me he had a lot of podcasts that that book was based off of (from at least ten years ago).  Thus, I spend my time painting during the day listening to various subjects and I love it!  

Click here!  My personal fave is "The Struggle for Love."

I hope you can go listen to just a few. Even if you aren't sure what you think about God, religion (he has a lot to say about "religion"), church, etc.  I promise, what he says will change your heart in some way.  And with the passing of a very ingenious, wise man, it makes all of us realize that no amount of money/intelligence/etc. will allow you to escape death.  Praying for his family during this...

Amen, sisters.  Off to go take one night off with my hubby from this 30 day remodeling craze.

xoxo, Anna N

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