Wednesday, October 05, 2011


This afternoon I am going to Ikea...again  I hadn't been there in at least two years (I think) but I am need of some inspiration of some modern sort :)  Shocking. I know.

I am also getting rid of stuff before the move and selling things such as: the Kitchenaid Pro mixer (sold), the Kitchenaid 12 cup processor, the juicer (almost sold), glasses, etc.

10 days.  Really?!?!  Oh shoot..I should probably get going.  And maybe I should start packing.

PS: Go buy the Matt Hammitt CD and listen to "All of Me." It is a song written about finding out their little boy had a severe heart defect while in the womb and realizing that it stopped him from fully pouring every bit of his heart into loving that baby.  It is so beautiful.

I am going to make a sign for the baby's wall that says: "You are going to have all of us. You are going to have all our love."

{PS} Funny how God works: the one thing I didn't want in a home was something modern and the one thing Matt didn't want was to live in the suburbs.  Here is to God knowing where we should be better than we do :) 10 days until a modern home in the burbs. Love you, baby.


xoxo, Anna N (future baby mama)


  1. as we face where we will move next and pray about where to begin our missional community we face the same thing! We are probably going to end up in a place we did not envision for ourselves! But from that, hopefully the community that is built will far surpass any downtown urban living :) Have fun at IKEA- that place makes me dizzy... there are definite ways to do modern without compromising your personal style. We have furniture with modern lines (couch, thing that hold our tv, table ect) but everything else is so rustic and me! just got to find what works in the space you are in! You will do a wonderful job! How's baby Norman doing!?!

  2. Have fun at Ikea! I can't wait to see your take on modern classic chic! And I love, love, love your idea for a baby sign! I wonder how it'd look written on your chalk wall, then taken a picture of and hung in an antique-ish frame in baby's room? More permanent than keeping it only in chalk. (just a thought)

  3. My life has pretty much been full of surprises since 1999. I've also found that any preconceived notions about what I'm too cool for have blown out of the water by God. I love old houses too and grew up in an craftsmans style farmhouse but when it came time for us to buy I wanted a newer home so I could live my life and raise my kids draft free, mold free and with enough electrical outlets! Have fun at Ikea. Wish I lived closer to one.

  4. Hooray for nearing the finish line!


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