Monday, October 03, 2011

Deconstruction: Part 2

Sorry I haven't posted a ton on the home!  It is mainly because we are there...all the time.  

A few things that have been done:

-nearly four coats of paint on all surfaces (and we have A LOT of trim...hence a lot of blue tape went up)
-removal of entire kitchen
-removal of multiple walls
-sheetrock installed
-bathroom shower/tub demolished and wall/window to outside removed (see why below)
-cabinets/doors stripped, sanded
-multiple appliances removed (sink, oven, two fridges, light fixtures)

This is a very aggressive remodel for 30 days but thank goodness I have a husband who happens to be a project manager for a commercial construction company (and family and friends who are ridiculously awesome)!!!  My handsome husband LOVES this stuff...I mean got up at 5:45am on Saturday to do this sort of thing...LOVE.

Here are some pictures!  I hope you had an amazing weekend and if you haven't yet, be sure to go the Remember Nhu site: and watch the video! We had dinner with all of them Friday night and were IMMENSELY blessed by listening to those who have entire hearts for what God is doing and how they can fight for those who are being sold.

Love you all!  Off to find reclaimed wood, bathroom light fixtures (ours were circa 1966), return screws, prime cabinets and doors, etc.

This is our "closet" where the rotted shower moved into.

This was left behind-we are taking bids for it. It is awesome.

Our atrium! Notice the 20 plants that are missing!!!
I really dislike this color. A lot.

Reason why the shower has been demolished.

My sister. The most joyful person I know.  Obviously.

We could call this "Mark's wall." He and my sis worked on it for at least six hours...

Our garden team! Juanita worked in the pouring rain for six hours yesterday!

My little. How beautiful is she?  Most amazing young lady I know...
Oh, the trim...

And our help is lovely!!! And wears tie-die...
No more kitchen!!!

Did you notice that used to be a wall?

There were many more highlights of this God-given weekend but I will post those tomorrow.

xoxo, Anna N


  1. so much work! Yes you are so lucky to have Matt! :) so excited to see the finished product! all your had work will pay of beautifully I know!

  2. wow you guys are really doing a lot! can't wait to see how everything turns out!

  3. my favorite was the picture of Matt and the lion. His expression is priceless. I'm embarrassed to say my kids would LOVE Mr. Lion in their playroom. If you don't have anyone who really wants it, I would let them hang it in the play room.

  4. Oh Anna-everything is looking great! You've seriously done a ton of work-how exciting to have a fresh new home. :) Love the updtes!


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