Friday, September 30, 2011

Fabulous Friday

Although I am "retired," I still love Fridays.  It means my husband is done with his work week and that we get to sleep in together and just relax...well after the house remodel is done. 

We are off to a dinner tonight to meet with a young lady who an entire organization was founded from.  The organization is Remember Nhu ( and they fight child sex trafficking in four SE Asian countries. The couple quit their successful jobs, sold their successful company, take no pay from the organization, and simply live to fight for those who don't have anyone to fight for them.  So beautiful and convicting.  

Nhu is a girl that was rescued and Carl and Laurie have now adopted her as their own daughter-you should watch the video (you will cry).

Tomorrow is remodeling (hubby actually took today off for that as well). Sunday is remodeling.  And thankfully we get a lovely dose of Jesus on Saturday night at church :)  Should be a lovely weekend.

I am thankful this Friday for all that God is doing and I pray I am aware at every moment of who He is and the beauty He wants to reveal to me.  I have come to realize that SO MANY of my prayers have been answered-in ways more beautiful than I ever imagined (husband, house, who God is to me, a baby, our families loving one another, etc.)

What beauty is He revealing to you?

May we all have the ability to find Him in our busy lives-that He provided for us.

xoxo, Anna N


  1. Wow what an amazing story about that couple, that is awesome. Sounds like you will have a wonderful weekend, enjoy! And love your cute blog background!

  2. Amen, Anna!! Cam and i talk about that so often and were in depth last night. It's all from Him. He answers prayer and is soo good!


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