Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Heart quatrefoil.

I am still sore...well I am recovering but wow-painting takes some interesting muscles. I figured I had painted 20 hours in three days.  And I am tired of white, desperately tired of pink (seriously, I wish we could find what kind of paint that horrible pink was throughout the whole house because it has taken 3-4 coats to cover it), and so ready for patterns/colors/etc.

Hence: quatrefoil.

I am off to the Depot to look for wallpaper, or stencils, or whatever might strike my fancy.  Here are some pics of things that I have found that I HEART.  Pictures to come from this MAJOR (thought to be moderate) remodel.

This below I will not do...this seriously must've taken 40 hours.  But wallpaper...there is an idea!

I love this room-all of it.

Or maybe I will go find some fabric and see if my old trick of steaming it to a wall will work.  Yes, I have tried it and it worked (at one time).  Love this print. Classic.

Also, two websites for you lovelies to check out: 

xoxo, Anna N


  1. I love your style, Anna. So chic and pretty and it will still work in your modern Rummer : ) The first house we put an offer in on a year ago was a Rummer and we were heartbroken when our loan fell-through at the last minute : ( Needless to say, I'm supa jelly of your Rummer and SO happy for you guys!

    I saw on pinterest that Sherwin Williams sells removable wallpaper which, from one who just spent 20 hours removing wallpaper from our master (and have a house-full left), sounds pretty appealing to me since I love bold prints but change my mind often!

    And in answer to your question, our house is in the Greenway neighborhood in Beaverton. Right off Hall. Very close to the church!

  2. I am excited to see how you incorporate your style into such a mid century home! It's going to be fun to watch your new home transform into yours and Matts style! love you!


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