Monday, September 26, 2011


I just read this on another young lady's blog and thought it needed to be reposted:

"...and what my Dad told me growing up proved to be absolutely true - "Don't think about what he's going to be like too much; you don't need to. The Lord has already taken care of it. He has someone far better than you can even imagine.""

Amen. Sisters-believe this and live like you believe it.  You will be the brightest thing in the room :)

xoxo, Anna (who's husband is far, far, far better than I ever dreamed of...and I was a GREAT dreamer)

PS: Did I ever mention how much my husband loves to dance. LOVES.  Look at that joy! 
I love it.


  1. you guys are so cute! i love how obviously in love you are with him.

  2. awwww :) thank you

    shout it out sista!!!

    I LOVE that pic of you and your hubby. Haha, so so so great!

  3. Just read your love story, and the Marshall's love story too (aren't they the cutest??) and it is so beautiful Anna! I have always loved the story of Ruth and Boaz, I think it is so romantic. It is so encouraging to know that God writes our love story and not us. And I love how you had that verse on your wedding invitations, for some reason I always think of that verse when I think of my future love story, which I can't wait to write someday :)


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