Friday, September 23, 2011


Friendly friends!

Happy Friday!

A little update on the last two weeks (also known as the 20th and 21st week of having a wee one growing)!  I love how my friend Echo gives updates and thought maybe I should do the same!

1) I spilled on myself today. It seems as though I have grown so fast that I don't recognize the belly that is now there. I don't think you can see the stain but I haven't spilled in yeeeeaaaars.
See? There is a SHELF now...also known as a bumpy bib, ball, our wee one, spill spot, etc.
2) I love sleeping on my side, always have, but it is so weird to have this extra space that I have to adjust for every time I roll over.

3) I still have no cravings. Didn't have morning sickness/nausea.  Feeling quite blessed.  I loved reduced-fat Oreos before and I still love them.

4) I do still get up 2-3 times/night to use the restroom.

5) My chest is way too large for my likings and I have learned that I was quite content with the little I had before (not complaining just so not used to it).

6) My husband loves my body pregnant and it makes me feel so beautiful :) 

7) I still don't want to know the sex of our baby. At all.  Not even an inkling, a smidgin, an ounce.  It is one of the few surprises life affords and I can't wait for the moment when Dr. Stewart says, "You have a ?!" I mean talk about an ethereal moment.  Plus, I am not the hugest fan of pink (except for bubble gum pink).

19 weeks to go with the wee one on the inside! Still cannot believe God knows how to do this. You could give me 200 lifetimes and I wouldn't come up with the brilliance of the human body.  Let alone from conception.

xoxo, Anna N

*off to Nuestra Cocina (a must, must, must PDX eatery) with the hubby and the Wagners!!! Then onto an entire weekend of de/construction :) Pics Monday!


  1. Ahhh, beautiful baby mama you are:-) You are glowing and lovely and growing a human! How crazy is that?! xoxo

  2. Yeah! I love reading about growing babies (this will serve as a great memory book for you too!) I documented Alomae's on my blog (vaguely) but it's still a good memory! SO many babies!!

  3. oh and, seriously! the fact that our bodies can grow a human life IS the craziest thing EVER! truly amazing!

  4. Oh my gosh! Congrats on your exciting news. You look absolutely beautiful :)

  5. Dr Stewart delivered Evy! He is so great!


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