Friday, September 23, 2011


Just a few pics from some "tearing apart" that has been done since last Thursday.  You should see the TO DO list-pretty crazy.

God bless the Comers who brought us dinner the first night (carpet tear-out night)!

Color wheels-how are there so many "whites"????

This is quite possibly one of the cheapest light fixtures but highly will be replaced with a chandelier.

Prego attempting to cut up carpet and padding.

All gone!

The CREW moved in and did a wonder on that atrium. It does help that all of our parents love to garden...

1966 linoleum. Vintage.

Of course the linoleum was under the wood floors.

Anybody want a HUGE fan palm? Seriously.

Court and Juanita tearing it up.

My mom is always this joyful to be helping.

New homeowners/deconstructors.

The joy on everyones' faces when the saw came out was priceless.

Filled the 40 yard dumpster!

It was mom's birthday and all she wanted to do was cut something down!

Yes-the CREW.

Upper cabinet-gone.  Grease-found. Lots of it.


  1. so fun! cannot wait to see more (and it in person!)

  2. the "before" pictures are so much and speak so much about "destruction" projects. Grease, years of it ewh!

  3. You should frame a square of that linoleum for a decoration!

  4. Ooo! Love Janet's idea!! Pictures are fantastic-what lovely help you guys have!


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