Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cookies. A baby. A house. Love.

We got to see our wee one!  

Please note the bicep in the photo :)  I kind of hope for the wee one's sake it is a boy because husband's muscles were already shining through.  Oh, and the little one weighed a pound (the average is 10-12 ounces at that date)...  Baby must love Thai food and pizza.  Glad to see the baby isn't afraid to eat!

We were also blessed to have both of our parents (more affectionately now known as grandparents) to the ultrasound.  It was so beautiful and I think both of our moms were about done-in with how excited they were :) 

Our little one did a flip for us, too.  And a few bicycles just to show it knows how to use its legs. 

Updates on the belly: it keeps growing!  My stomach muscles definitely felt it this last weekend while I was trying to launch stuff into the 40 yard dumpster (now full) in front of our new home.  Apparently they  feel like they have stretched enough in two weeks...  Pic below.

And growing...and growing...and growing...  

Also- WE HAVE A HOUSE!!! The style is called a "Rummer" (google if so inclined) and we are loving it.  They are basically homes with really open floor plans built in the 60s and centered around an atrium.  Love it. And LOVE our neighbors :) 

The house needs quite a bit of work so next came the family demolition event :)  Pics to be posted tomorrow once I get them out of lightroom.  Praise be to the LORD for such an amazing family and friends who helped us tear up all the flooring, some walls, trees/bushes, strip cabinets, take out around 100 screws/nails/hooks, etc.  

And cookies.  Please go make this recipe-you will make lots of friends :)  They are super chewy and amazing if you only leave them in for 15 minutes...off to go take them to our bank (Umpqua-world's best bank)!  With milk of course. They seriously sent us a gorgeous flower arrangement (below) because they found out we were pregnant and bought a house...we will miss those guys that work there.

There might be a bite taken out of the one in the back (oh, and my milk to the side).

So beautiful!  xo, the peops at Umpqua
xoxo, Anna N


  1. beautiful baby! cannot wait to meet, snuggle, kiss, he/she!! SO happy for you my sweet Norman friends... and we MUST all hang out SOON!

  2. Anna! I love your blog and am so happy and excited for you! So many wonderful things happening in your life!!! Husband, baby, new home! So happy you're happy! Love your home...cannot wait to see what you will do with it!!! And your baby is going to be so blessed to have you as their mommy!!!

  3. Oh what a cute little arm in that picture. Eric, my 4th had a muscle leg in perfect running motion that I wanted to send to Nike and say "we did it". I love your rummer style home. When we were looking for homes I LOVED LOVED the open floor plans which are perfect for big gatherings. Sadly none could accommodate our need for extra bedroom space. You home is beautiful. I can almost see it completed. Congratulations. Emily tells me you are a stone's throw from our home. Lovely Truly!!!


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