Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"What Men Really Want"

I found this through some meandering through and "wow."  ALL should read what this guy writes about. I am always telling my girlfriends to wait and then men desire so much more than we think (meaning past sex, lust, "hotness", etc. ).  

Please, please, please go this link and encourage all men you know that the true desires of their heart are real. That there is a God who created man in His image for His glory and for insane beauty-beauty that is comprehended when God is taken for who He is and we saw ourselves in His reflection.

I recently had a conversation with a lovely lady who said she went on a date with a guy who was rather "physical."  She said she wasn't that type and didn't want that to be central to a relationship and that she desired more. He teared up.  I believe his soul knew that he wanted more but his flesh told him it wasn't worth waiting for...

I know seeing myself in His eyes changed my life.  I am often asked why I tell people to have higher standards (not mulah, friends, I am talking about character) and this alone is the reason.  I know who I was created to be and I feel ALL have that desire within them that they were created for something so much more.

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