Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A fashion post.

As you have likely noted, I rarely post anything on fashion. I worked in clothing for so many years and to be honest, as much as I love it, it kind of lost its charm (plus I used to be addicted to shopping and thus the caution).  

However, in the midst of things no longer fitting (my "top" has gone up three sizes)...I have been searching for eek...maternity...items.  Crazy.  Seriously. I already have a long torso so what I used to define as long no longer works with the wee one taking up a daily increase in space.

Good news is: I found amazing things for people who aren't preggo in my search!  Found myself at Kohls and discovered the Lauren Conrad and Daisy Fuentes line (not to mention Vera) and they are priced so well.  I will show three-just to get you looking and then you will have to check it out for yourself.  So inexpensive and quite savvy. I will be awaiting next spring for any of these items.

Oh, and here is the solo item I found for pants for myself (Old Navy).

Charmeuse capris: $20.00

Mainly posted this because I love the couch...and her top...and the pillows...and the hedge.

Miss Daisy's line. $33.60 on sale!

LC Skirt- $35.90 on sale!

And this lovely. LC- $44.80
xoxo, Anna N


  1. Gap at streets of tanasbourne has maternity. Their Tanks are fabulous! They are the only maternity item I have purchased besides a pair of shorts form H&M that have been so great too! Target has long maternity tanks too.
    I found thats really all I needed... then I just layer! You are gonna look so adorable with a big ol' belly :)

  2. Gap maternity jeans (with the under belly waistband) and a black wrap dress were two of my favorite items. I wore the jeans a long time afterward. Online you can order pretty much any of the jeans they carry regular in maternity version- so you may be able to find tall. Also a lot of women like Bella bands, they allow you to wear your old pants with the button undone.

  3. Thanks, ladies!!! I have been given a few bella bands and also quite a bit of maternity clothes :) Wahoo! I will be sure to check out Gap-I somehow totally forgot about them.

    Back to making my monster chocolate chip cookies (it dropped below 70 degrees thus I bake)!

    You moms, rock.

  4. I think you should post more fashion posts! I love them!


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