Tuesday, September 13, 2011

20 weeks- Oh wee one.

Here is a pic of the sudden real estate development in my abdomen.  He/she is totally welcome to the neighborhood.  

The top two are from two weeks ago (please note the sudden difference in stomach).  This beautiful wee one sure found some extra room in the last two weeks!  We have not only been able to feel the wee one but also see him/her move!  So amazing...fearfully and wonderfully being made in my own body. Ridiculously fantastic.  

God-so can't believe you came up with this-totally brilliant. Oh, and thank you for loving him/her before he/she was formed.

18 weeks.

Um-not sure. I like chandeliers?  Oh, gosh, I LOVE our place.

2.0. weeks. Do stripes make it look smaller? Ehhh....

If you are a little gentleman: I pray you are just like your daddy: fiercely handsome, overly kind, perfectly tender, God fearing, and faithful.

If you are a little lady: I pray you are kind, compassionate, patient, just like Jesus, gracious, all-together-lovely, and smile at everyone.

Off to get a cashier's check for the new house!  And then coffee dates, signing Escrow papers, dinner with sis and Linne, and then handsome time.

xoxo, Anna N


  1. so cute Anna! and so many exciting things happening at once!! xoxo

  2. Ah! I've been thinking about you tons lately! Let's get coffee, or well, let's get together at least :) Would love to chat about the wonderful world of prego with you!
    You're beautiful!
    ps. love the chandelier!


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