Friday, October 07, 2011

Almost six months!

Before my beautiful/handsome/perfect-for-me husband left this morning he prayed for what you can distinctly see in the pictures below.  I am so in love with my man who holds me before he leaves for work and prays over our "family," our lives, the kind of parents we will be, etc.  Babe-I can't believe God gave me you.

Regarding the little one- it will be six months along on Monday!  So crazy! My stomach muscles kind of get sore because it is growing so well (great thing!) but it still has been such an easy/beautiful pregnancy.

On Monday morning we have an echocardiogram because Matt and his sister both have congenital heart defects (minor).  There is only a 4% chance our little one will have anything but if the doc sees anything then we will deliver out of a different hospital.  We are not worried-at all. God knows ALL he is doing and we trust Him more than 100%.

PS: I LOVE OUR HOME. The current one and the one to come...

So blessed.

xoxo, Anna N


  1. You look wonderful Anna! We will certainly be watching and praying on Monday that all is well with this new little one. Enjoy this time for it passes so quickly. Happy Weekend! Steffi

  2. so adorable! Baby Norman is officially visible to the rest of us! cannot wait to meet (s)he!

  3. What a beatiful mama you are. And to think you could have a little Ruth growing inside you.

  4. Such cute pictures! You are adorable! And loved reading your love story for a second time today :)

  5. Anna! You are so beautiful Pregnant!!!


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