Sunday, August 28, 2011

A week of lists: Random things learned at home.

So I thought that this week would be a great week for lists. No, I have no particular idea as to what they will be but I so do hope they will encourage you in some way!

xoxo, Me

In being a stay-at-home wifey I have learned the following:

1. Do not go to Costco at lunch time.
2. Do not go to Costco on the first day the coupon book comes out.
3. Target is bound to lead you to someone you know and to items you do not need.
4. Another thing about Costco: it is best to go with someone- accountability (ie: my sheepskin rug).
5. It is easier to waste time than it is to make great use out of the time I have been given.
6. Go to antique stores outside of Portland.
7. I am not good at book clubs.  If I love a book I finish it in 2-3 days and have a very hard time going a chapter a week.
8. I miss the country. Running in the country, the views in the country, the smells.
9. Libraries are the best (and if you pay taxes, you likely pay $200-400/year for them so use it!)
10. I am not allowed to have Pirate's Booty in the home.  It disappears.  All during the hours my husband isn't home.  Also, no Oreos.
11. It takes a lot to learn to not isolate yourself and to reach out as often as possible.  I am a people person but I am also a total independent and need to remind myself I am here to serve others, not myself.
12.  I am blessed. I hope I will say that in all circumstances. Please hold me to that.  I always want what is right to be right-not situational.
13. I don't miss my job.  Not one bit. I was certainly thankful for it while I had it and now I am thankful for where the road leads next. I do miss the gas card...
14. Berry farms have odd hours.
15. Grace is abundant in my life and my friends prove such.
16. Beauty is compelling to everyone.  Everyone.  Something fascinating about that thought...
17. The Bible never gets old. It gets hard to read somedays but it does not get old. Amazing. I have so much left to learn and am grateful for the grace to be becoming who He already knows I am.

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