Thursday, August 25, 2011

Visiting Albany.

A few weeks ago my mother and I set out to Albany to visit Matt's mom and meet up with him for lunch (I seriously felt like a little kid getting to meet up with my boy for lunch).

We had such an amazing day, although the baby had me a slight bit tired.  His mom and my mom, who adore each other, both bought me one maternity item.  Of course they aren't really maternity but I figured they were "growth-potential" garments (I am avoiding the maternity clothes for as long as possible).

Our day was filled with antique stores, consignment shops, viewing the kitchen remodel at the Normans, American Dream pizza, and lunch with handsome. I even got to see the job he is in charge-it is epic.

I feel so blessed-also, both sets of ours parents (and our brother and sister-in-law) have already volunteered to be part of our remodel!

xoxo, Anna (who's belly is definitely showing. I haven't been great at taking pics but I will soon!)

Husband's job. The Education Hall at OSU.  I think my husband is super cool...

Matt's mom seriously taped out the entire future layout-I see where my husband's creative side comes from!

Their future cabinets! They have had the same kitchen for 36 years!

Their floor tile, countertops and cabinet colors. Soooo fun!


  1. That project is amazing!! Holy cow. And so excited for you two on your new house, what a cool, meant-to-be story :)

    You can probably get away with not wearing maternity clothes for a long time, but I love maxi dresses on preggo girls, I think they're so cute, and you always look great in them. I love this look from Oh Joy! too: Another adorable pregnant girl is Sydney at the Daybook, not sure if you follow her, but check out her blog for some cute pregnant fashion inspiration as well :)

  2. Haha Designer funny, I am using the granite sample in a clients bathroom, and the tile sample is in all three of my bathrooms. I love colors.


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