Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Home.

 Closing date: September 15th

What?!?!  I know.  Crazy/awesome/fantastic times for the 2.5 person Norman Family.  It literally dropped out of nowhere (kind of, story below) and we just knew we were supposed to say yes.

*We will be spending a month remodeling so we will be sure to show before and after photos  (I just love things like that!).

John Mark and his wife have literally been praying Matt and I would end up in their neighborhood for months. We kind of giggled about it but probably should've considered it more (he is a pastor after all and his wife is like an angel :)).  John Mark called us four days before we were off to go on our anniversary trip and said he was out running, saw a garage sale (two doors down from them) and asked the couple if they were planning to move. Turns out, their daughter already has a home for them in San Diego, he was dying to retire, and they could go whenever but hadn't put the home on the market.  Of course, he got us their number and we saw it Monday and Wednesday (we left for vacay on Thursday).

The entire trip we prayed and talked through it because it just all seemed so right and so out of nowhere.  We felt that God was saying "yes" mainly because of three things: 
1) It wasn't what we had planned (boy have I learned that one...). 2) It wasn't at all what "I" was looking for. I am rustic/cottage style chic and the home is mid-century ranch.  But then again, I did say I would never marry a man who drove a Subaru and look at what happened there!  He even proposed in his Subaru...pretty sure God has a sense of humor. 
3) People had been praying and it literally was specific to what they had been asking.

Thus, with no realtors involved, just a sweet couple who offer us coffee/drinks every time we enter their home, we came to an agreement, got some papers from Matt's dad (lawyer), Matt did the inspection, and "poof," we have a home effective September 15th. That also happens to be the date of our 20 week ultrasound (and no, we aren't finding out :)).

The before/after pictures ought to be great because the home was built in 1966 and barely touched since then.  I will be sure to blog about the month of remodeling and let you all in on the new home.

PS: If you want to google the style of home, it is a "Rummer" or like and "Eichler" if you are in Cali.

I love it when God makes things so clear.  Strange how it always tend to be right when we don't plan it...I should start getting used to this.

Here is a pic of the atrium of a home that looks very similar.  


  1. Yes!! You DID get it. That is so amazing. Your "retirement" is already going to be busier than a full time job : ). I seriously can't wait to see how it's decorated. PLEASE put a chandelier in anyway!

  2. We are so happy for you two! (almost 3)
    Can't wait to see the house in person. Expect lots of help from us with remodeling. Normans are great movers, painters, and all-around construction workers.

  3. I am excited to see how you incorporate your style into this house! They are quite opposites :) But I know your creative eye will make it work! I understand how you like to decorate- I am a rustic girl myself :) Love you My friend! See you soon...

  4. You all are lovely :) Juliet-don't worry, the chandelier from our current house is coming...naturally. And yes, Echo, very much different styles but we are going to see where modern and rustic chic meet :) Should be very interesting in the least!
    Jen!!! As you might already know about your bro-in-law...there is already a calendar for the "project remodel" :) I will forward it along. Our house might need some more work than yours :)


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