Monday, August 29, 2011

Week of lists: What I will always fight for.

This is huge.  All of this is huge. I am tenacious and have lessened over the years but there are certain things that I pray I never stop being passionate about.  And please, if I ever try to justify something and change what is written below because of a situation, PLEASE call me out on it.

So I know a gun doesn't describe fighting super well but you get the picture...PS: I was shooting at basalt rock-tough chick.

PS: For the record, I strongly dislike real fighting (you know, WWF stuff).

Things I will always fight for:

1) Standards. I will always be the girlfriend to tell you to raise your standards. Not the ridiculous ones like, "-make $2M a year, have bright blue eyes/6'4"/Italian, etc" but the real ones: a man worthy of respect, someone you are attracted to, someone who challenges you, someone who will fight for you, someone who sees you as the wonder that God created you to be.  Plus, standards help other people step up and sometimes people want to be told they were/are meant to be something great :)

2) Marriage.  I will always fight for this. Why? It reflects a relationship that God created and because of that it is BEYOND sacred.  Meaning, don't mess with it.  I know my husband and I will experience hard times but I pray you will always fight with me on this (even if I ever start to make situational remarks).  My heart will ALWAYS be for reconciliation.  I have seen the power of forgiveness (read "Same Kind of Different As Me") and I want to experience that beauty throughout my life.  Seriously, go read that book.

3) Forgiveness.  Again, read the book above. True story. Then read this post.

4) Fathers.   Being Fathers. Men, being men.  I meet with four different women who didn't really have fathers and just this last Saturday night I prayed with two different ladies who's fathers are continuing who their fathers were (alcohol and abuse).  Please, if you are a man, make that your goal to be a man of courage and to love your wife and your children as Jesus loves us.  You will change the world through your home.  I have a fantastic dad-but his dad wasn't at all.  My dad changed their legacy.

5) Beauty. I want people to know what this world was created to be and why that crazy desire in our hearts for beauty never ceases and is insatiable.  It penetrates every chasm of our being because we were created as beauty-in the eyes of God. May we never cease to see it: in everything.

What are things that you would fight for?  What statutes do you have that you want others to make sure you maintain, even when the waters are rough?

xoxo, Anna (and baby)

PS: We are 18 weeks! And wow, I can feel this little one! I think our baby is secretly a ninja.


  1. I will fight for Honor of each other.
    I have been known to say..."never say or do anything that casts a shadow on the character of another." Not our spouses over coffee with girlfriends when we are frustrated. Not our children when they act out, misbehave, due to age and lack of training. Not for our girlfriends, and when others begin to speak out against another, I will be the first to speak up. I would ask that others do the same of me, holding me accountable to the Honor of others.

  2. p.s. when we honor our husbands in private, our relationship in public is truly authentic.

  3. That is beautiful. So beautiful. I heard a sermon recently on the ten commandments and Keller said there was a specific reason the LORD chose to use the word "honor" in regards to "honoring your father and mother." It is because honor is something we can give everyone and should because of grace. I LOVE your advice and I will cherish it and keep it!!!!!!!!! PS: You have a stellar family.

  4. hahaha!! I want that pic of us shooting!! and I want that other pic of us at you bachelorette party!! we need pic night...see you soon! and of course great blog as always...I'm being inspired by you!


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