Thursday, July 07, 2011

For the love of country.

I realized how deeply my heart is country while attending the St Paul Rodeo on the fantastic 4th this year (photos below).  I literally teared up during the national anthem and just listening to the cowboys talking about the freedom we have in America and how all reverence is due to God, His grace (I live in Portland so you don't hear things like that over the loud speaker-lest at church).  I was so moved but how simple and pure things could be.  

My favorite song is "Where the Green Grass Grows" by Tim McGraw-I even have hand-movements, you can ask the handsome hubby.  I love my rocking chairs, my mint lemonade, the smell of straw, the American flag, land, oak trees, horses (so ridiculously beautiful), my Bible, red checkered table clothes, and the stars.

You see-I love country.  I have loved living in the city but people are different-they so desperately need love and don't know how to receive it. I guess I need to learn how to love more-the obvious item here.  I am used to the burbs/country, where when you smile at people, they smile back.  It is something that doesn't happen as often DT and that just makes me realize all the more, how broken people truly are and how deep the need to be known is.  If people were really known, there would be freedom in looking into the eyes of someone they don't know-especially if a smile was accompanied.

It reminds me of this verse in 1 Corinthians 13:12.  

Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.  

How beautiful is that! And talk about freedom! We already are fully known-by the Maker, the one who knits us together in our mother's womb (I know that first hand currently).  It helps me to continue to strive to be the one that is willing to "fully know" people and ask the questions (and smile when I know it mightn't be returned).  It is so risky but what is life if not lived?

Happenings of the week:  
-made freezer jam (even picked the berries!)
-the Rodeo! Please check out the ridiculous food selection at the rodeo (and the perfect pic of the curly fries)
-meetings with dear friends
-the Sun
-seeing Mary Poppins at the Keller!
-brainstorming how to put "supercalifragilisticexpialadocious" on our baby's wall some day :)  
-hiking through Forest Park
-loving my husband more and more.

The lovely planner on the left with another beauty, Miss Christy.

Good thing I wasn't super hungry...

And more...

and more...

The ladies.

Some of the gents (handsome hubby included)

I wish you could've seen how happy I was that I captured this!!!


Like I wouldn't help sister eat those!

And of course I would Cristiana eat the funnel cake!

Love of my life.

Our baby is going to be so loved (and laugh so hard) because of this man.

 xoxo, Anna N


  1. YAY BABY! Yay summer and friends and hubbies! Your'e beautiful. Maybe I'll see your face around sometime :)

  2. Oh and how could I forget. Yay Country! music, people, southern hospitality. LOVE IT! amen sister. Let's bring a little country to p-town!

  3. Oops.. I kind of wrote a whole book there — and forgot to sign my name so you'd even know who wrote you.


  4. Briana!!!! Send me your email address! Would love to catch up and chat...


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