Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Summer is here!

And it is such a grace thing that as soon as the sun comes out in Oregon, you totally forget the 9 months of clouds/rain/the likes.  Such a beautiful picture of life-if it weren't for the off seasons we would have absolutely no idea how beautiful and precious life really is.

  Oregon has by all accounts, perfect summers. 80 degrees, every day.  Three months. And it starts now. 

 Just a few things in store for summer:

1) Weddings!  
2) Husband and I's roadtrip to Banff and Glacier for our one year anniversary!

3) Sun.  Mint and Lemonade.  Fruit salads.  BBQs.  Projects. Sewing classes. Gardening (in my five pots). Dresses.

4) Growing a baby :)  I thought I would throw that in this list randomly-just to see who is paying attention :) The great Creator is in charge of my body making a little Norman as we speak-He has been working on him/her for ten weeks now!  Prayers are welcomed like the sunshine in Oregon in January!
5) Falling more in love and attempting to be more like my 1 Corinthians 13 husband.  I have never seen him in a hurry, be impatient, hold an account of wrongs, etc.  He is such a beautiful example of a man (blog post to come on that).
6) Writing.  Might even bust out some of the stuff from a little book I started...

xoxo, Anna (PS: Handsome-thanks for reading this. You are the greatest man I have ever met.)

A few photos below of life and the best dipped cones in the world.

Sister and I's Friday hike to Angel's Rest. I can see why the angels would need a resting place after that hike...
Beauty.  So glad we can capture it with macro.

These are pods off the plant!  I love Creation.

If you know my husband-this is a once a year deal.  Love him for going along with it!

So I lost my desire for caffeine but to counteract the exhaustion, this is where I have landed.

I must get better at this blogging thing-it is nearly impossible not to from my current status.


  1. ANNA!!! Yay congratulations!! What an amazing blessing!! You guys will be such awesome parents and I am so excited for you two. Love this blog post :)

  2. I LOVE #4 :) cant wait for baby norman- and for our babies to play (or lay there next to each other why we chat!) love you!!

  3. Oh #4 how I adore you:) So excited and blessed to be able to watch baby grow.

  4. ahhhhh!!! so exciting! congratulations to both of you. =D


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