Thursday, May 19, 2011

So sew!

Week number tres has had me delve (actually more like lightly tip-toe) info the crafty land...I am signed up for four sewing classes but until then these are "light" projects: AKA-straight lines, no frills.  

1: New Euro pillow covers to match the duvet (Anthro-clearance, of course). Fabric: Fabric Depot

2. Mac case: Matt actually gave me the idea to make my own case and it was so much fun and quite easy!  Fabric: Fabric Depot (felt, 6" lace ribbon, vintage button).

3. Magnet Recipe Board:  this was so easy! I found a vintage frame on craigslist, bought interior fabric and two pieces of tin, and poof!  A retro recipe board!

Note my many references to Fabric Depot: I was the youngest in there by about 30 years :) Seriously.  Ladies-it makes Joanns PALE in comparison.  I will be more than happy to escort any of you there and make sure you are signed up for their mailing list so you get coupons!

4. Graphic for RR (restroom): This was one of our vows so I downloaded some great free fonts, found some clearance metallic paper at Tar-get, and made an accountability piece :)
*Note "Scrabble" font

PS: The sun is out.  Yes, really, it is. In Oregon. In May.  Matt took a photo this morning because believe it or not, we haven't seen this at 6am on our wall in a long time.  

And my favorite place today (after Sister's with Morgan and Jenni)-

Sun. Thank you to the Son...for the sun.


  1. Ugh if only I could be that crafty!! Love all your projects! And the sun obviously :) And the Son :)

  2. Girl-you are so crafty it is ridiculous. If the girl who painted her nails the morning of her wedding with 60 second quick dry nail polish can do this, you, being a details gal, most certainly could!!!

  3. What a Great Idea that Recipe board is! Great job on it all! Loving peeking in on your blog! And is the Fabric Depot just an Oregon thing?

  4. I love it all!! how talented you are! Did you wrap the tin with fabric and than just mount it in the frame?? I love that Idea!

  5. Um, you're amazing! and you're style is pretty wonderful too.
    Let's get together someday in the not too distant future ;)

  6. I like you ladies-mucho. The tin board is so easy and yes, Molly, you just cover the tin with EZ Runner vellum and cover with precut fabric and then adhere to frame with a hot glue gun. You can also easily make the button magnets by just finding tons of old buttons and adhering to magnets :) I truly feel God made women to create (hence the whole children thing).
    xoxo, Anna
    Jacklyn-love your family!!! And you are so talented! Sadly, fabric depot is only an Oregon thing. There has to be something like it in Sacto!

  7. I made a career of sewing straight lines and pretty fabrics on my old singer feather light. If my clients saw my machine, workspace and credentials they may not have hired me, but that is what pretty fabrics are all about. I love all your fabrics. Inspired me to make a project for a terrible spot in my kitchen riddled with papers taped to the walls.

  8. Where did you sign up for sewing classes? I have not even sewn anything with the sewing machine I received for xmas nor have i even been to Fabric Depot (since my mom's basement is a fabric depot from our fabric store days). I am pitiful, I need to try to sew, having a sewing mother sure did not help me learn. love the computer case!! great! rachel k

  9. Awesome job! I wish I was more crafty, teach me your ways :-)


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