Monday, May 23, 2011

The Week-end. And beginning.

Monday-laundry and cleaning day. Somehow I am actually really excited to do this. 

We discussed last night how we wanted to raise children (Lord willing) regarding "work" and establishing that ethic.  We decided it meant doing the things that needed to be done around the house.  Thus, we are committed to always doing our own yard work, housework, repairs (this helps since Matt is a contractor) as long as physically able.  Mainly, we want our children to see us work-and see us ENJOY it. We are supposed to do ALL things to the glory of God and we want them to love hard work...and love the REST that follows the work (day seven, earth/heavens done, God beautiful).  And we want to raise goofballs.  Hence photo below:

Have I mentioned how much I like my husband. Because I do. A ton. And then more.

The amazing Moon Reception full of beautiful people*
*see below

Homemade cupcakes-with gold!!!

The Stellar Stillars-enough said.

Lots of lovelies.

That was fast!  Summer "adopting" baby Riley..

Beautiful Mom-to-be, Sam and gorgeous mommy,  Kori! 

The parentals of  Riley.

PDX Normans.

Chris and Robin-perfectly coordinated.

Matt taking paparazzi shots (his new fave)

And the sweet Robin feeding her babies. Of course this has to go up.

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