Monday, May 16, 2011

Wife: Part 2

We took the "wife" to another level this weekend when Handsome asked if I would cut his hair. Seriously, he did.  His hairdresser moved to Haiti and he will truly not go to anyone else thus Saturday afternoon was full of youtube videos, a trip to Ulta for the best scissors and comb, lots of hair, and I might have accidentally knicked him once...again, wife to the next level-complete with an ouch.

Of course, we made pizza.  We used the America's Test Kitchen recipe (amazing!)  and did pesto for the sauce this time. We are deeply in love with pizza.  And yes, we did go buy a pizza stone and wooden pizza peel...

And this sorbet made in THE vitamix. Really, folks, this is a much kitchen item.  Ice, an orange, blueberries and a tablespoon of sugar. Presto. And of course orange zest and mint. A must.

And then this was amazing-Irish Soda bread! Thanks to the amazing Hollie Hallwyler!  So easy and such a great quick bread (no yeast involved for those who fear yeast).

And then Matt pretending he was the paparazzi with me. PS: Did you know the word paparazzi means "mosquito?"

xoxo, the 3 week retired gal

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