Friday, February 11, 2011


I have come to learn that I am not a great beautiful friend (also a beautiful writer: was commenting on how she blogs five times a week. I think I had a look of shock on my face.  Thus here is my bi-weekly attempt at blogging :)

Nonetheless-terrificness has been found in the last few weeks!  Three things:
a) Disneyland was a million times "funner" with a handsome hubby than I thought possible.
2) I lOvE antique stores, aka: old stuff storage, envisioning greatness in what seem to be meaningless items.
c) The women's all night of prayer is tonight, 12am-6am!!!!, and I am quite excited.  It is REALLY crazy to me to think that there is a God (that is a big enough thought on its own) that loves us is the clincher...cares to hear from us.

Well fine-four things. I told Matt that I really only have Disneyland on my list for places to go while on this earth (before heaven) because-here is my theory: I am pretty sure heaven will be the most amazing place ever, with Jesus being there and all, and since it is the Creator creating it and making it perfect I can imagine it will TRUMP Bora Bora, Italy, Bali, Tahiti, etc.  The one thing I am pretty sure of though is this: Disneyland will not be there....thus-I must go now! It is my top "trip priority" while residing. Fortunately, my oh-so-handsome-hubby loves it, too.

Talk about blessed.

THE HIGHLIGHTS (a few shots from around our house with vintage finds and of course, some "happiest place in the world-ness")

Pretty sure everything here is old-aside from the clock and the bose speakers...don't be jealous of the commentary of Leviticus :) For book lovers-that is a seriously old copy of Les Mis-OLD.
Strange thing is Matt and I both collected/collect old books.

Believe it-Matt is working on ALL of these currently. Yes, I witness it at 5:45 each morning-love him.

Old School chalk board along with two vintage "scoopers" for the flour and sugar.  A find!

Propeller and elk cuff links!?!?!?
The clouds came the last day just so us Oregonians didn't start to feel weird without them.


  1. I blog 4-6 days a week, too. But I do take breaks! :) It's okay to only blog 2 days a week. Each blog is is the writer behind it. :)

    (BTW -I found your blog through Joy E.'s blog. We both commented on one of her posts. She's a hoot!)

  2. Anna, you are such a great blogger! I hope that you keep blogging and more :) God puts beautiful and inspiring words on your heart and I love when you share them.


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