Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Teacups here we come!

I will try to make this short as I am unable to come up with anything wise and discerning that I am actually putting into practice (example below).  Since I am doing a Bible study on humility with the lovely Miss Becca Quint, in which I am severely behind, I have learned there is a SLEW of areas (not in a beat myself up, get depressed sort of way...most of the time) that need some serious work.

Miss Lesley (little sis)
Beautiful thing is: God is allowing us to go to Disneyland tomorrow morning at 7am for four days. I am in dire need of such a trip.  I felt emotionally drained today and I believe it was directly linked to a convo my little and I (I will one day dedicate an entire posting to her because she is the most amazing 15 year old I have ever encountered) had last night about blessing those who persecute you.  I seemed to have a run-in with people today who just wanted to take out some part of their life on me and my first reaction was to nearly breakdown crying and feel sorry for myself.  Then I remembered, as I have so "wisely" told Lesley, that we are to pray for a blessing for those who hurt our feelings. Man that stuff is much easier said than done.  Hence, humility.  It is a beautiful thing that I have Jesus to look to as to who I should be because let me tell you, were I to run amuck with my own head, this blog would most definitely not be called "so truly lovely."

And. Happy. Six. Month. Anniversary. to the most beautiful, gracious, tender, God-fearing, compassionate, man I have ever encountered.  My marriage is one of the most humbling things I have ever been part of. To think that God knew all along, even in the midst of my SERIOUS bad decisions, that Matt was for me. That is GRACE. Unmerited favor (speaking of which, thank you Bisenius' duo for dinner last night-superb)

Oh-and have you ever heard the saying "stockings hung by the fire with care?" Let me tell you about something that happens when they are too close...they burn!!!! This is right before I started to smell the "burnt wool."  Domestic diva-not even close!


  1. Have SO much fun guys... enjoy disneyland for us... our favorite place on earth :)

  2. love your oh so honoring words re: your hubs. and love even more than i know i would do the same thing to my socks. i just need to find me a wood burning stove.


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