Saturday, January 15, 2011


I would love to share with you something that was put on my heart almost three years ago. This was written on my old blog.  It is something that has always wrecked havoc on my heart because in some innate part of my soul I know as surely as the sun rises, that we were created for something great.  Something beautiful. To be part of a beautiful story. The thing is, stories develop. They change, they have chapters, and the thing I have learned is that the true statement of one's character is who they are during the waiting, the purely descriptive chapters where the entire background is being written but nothing specific is happening.

If we become anxious during those chapters, because nothing specific is happening, we put the book down and we quit. We forget that His hand is amidst all of the details and to void the waiting, is like the voiding the breath of life that we seem rely upon but forget its importance.

All to say, my favorite Bible verse is this: "I the LORD will fight for you, you need just be still."

Are you in a descriptive chapter in your life?  Let it be written by the Author. Let if form you. And wait. Wait beautifully, content, and serve. Serve others. Be part of the background in your own life and be the foreground in others' lives.

What can break my heart:

I am a rather transparent person: not very private, will tell you nearly all that you ask to hear, and I usually wear my heart on my sleeve. By God’s good grace, my transparent personality is also coupled with what I believe to be excellent intuition. Quite a combination! (footnote: this is a God given gift, all glory to Him).

I have never personally had my heart broken and I also really don’t care to feel what that is like…although I do love it when people say that you must go through it so you know what love really is. I am pretty sure I can feel love without having it wrenched out of my heart, thank you! It’s kind of like somebody telling you that you have to break your leg in order to actually know its full function. I don’t think so…

Here is my real heart break: one of my dearest friends called me the other night and stated that she had been dating someone for nearly two months. He was “alright,” “not exactly my type,” and “someone to hang out with.” Definitely my top three traits for a perfect forever! The saddest part was what she mentioned after that: “Well it is better to be with him then to not have anything.” She noticed my silence and awaited what she knew my response would be…”it is much better to be alone then to be with someone who takes away any part of you, especially your standards.” Statistically this is a rather typical “Anna” response.

Since when did we start thinking that without someone else we are nothing? Don’t sell your soul (refer to the Harlot piece for more on our personal price) and your standards just to have companionship. I have spent 27 years refining and trying to figure out who I am and I will be the last person to put my personal finishing school on hold for someone who is just “alright.” I personally believe, and could prove it to be true, that standards are of the utmost. Theoretically speaking, in order for anything to improve (government, the economy, foreign relations, etc.) statutes of higher order are necessary. This meaning that principles must first be created and then followed in order for any element of that entity to improve.

This goes for us as well! In order for society to have emancipation from divorce, heart-break, single-parent homes, abortions, etc. we must raise who we are as individuals. It is not enough to be part of the normal crowd because greatness rarely arises from the masses. We must be willing to spend a few extra days alone in order to 1) learn who we really are, 2) make sure our standards are real and not just a façade, and 3) to learn what God really sees as great for our lives. This patience is what creates in us the confidence to trust our intuition as well as gives us the ability to say no to anything sub-par.

Don’t you feel honored when you are chosen by someone who has high standards? It’s pretty much the same thing as getting a letter saying that you are the best, the ultimate, the elected, the one. Personally, I would rather wait to have “earth-shattering, spell-binding, unexplained love” versus having a right now full of “alright, good for now, not exactly my type.”

I pray that God grants each of you the patience to wait for something incredible. If you have already found it, I tip my hat to you. Oh, and congratulations on being chosen. GOD HAS CHOSEN YOU. LET HIM BE THE AUTHOR.

Nerdy Normans.

And here is a pic of what my handsome nerdy husband and his nerdy wife do during meals.  We play bananagrams and spell as many words as we can until we run out of letters.


  1. Wow... totally crazy you reposted this today. God led me to another friend's blog and she had just posted something about "waiting" that really convicted/encouraged me and brought tears to my eyes ( and then I knew for some reason God wanted me to look up your blog and I was shocked to see that the title was "Waiting"! If you're still on Facebook, feel welcome add my family's page (set up in our puppy Bella's name to share pictures of her with friends) so we can keep in touch! :) Thank you for this.

  2. Anna girl. This is just what I needed. A reminder of my worth in God's eyes. I'd call you right now if I could. It feels like you were talking about what has been going on in my own life. I've gotten to a point where I've settled with men. I still have my "standards" but at the same time I have had my moments of letting them slide. There is so much to talk to you about!
    Thanks for getting me back on track! Love you!

  3. Thank you. From all that I am right now, thank you.

  4. Brittany-you are lovely.
    Cry- I couldn't get to your facebook but would love to know who you might be (other than a lovely dog named Bella)
    Cole- I feel like I know you...yes?

  5. good word Anna, good word... we respond in a very similar way :)

  6. @Anna: You know, it's funny because it *just* struck me afterwards that I'd posted using my organization's email address (hence the name 'Cry') because I don't really have a personal email now (long story) and that I'd also forgotten to sign my name. This is Briana from Solid Rock — I gave you the "Kingsley" book. ;) Use my email at cry.action.alert (at) gmail (dot) com to send me your Facebook or email address so we can keep in touch, if you'd like.

    Oh, and have to add that I can't believe you and your husband play Bananagrams during lunch — that's just too cool and cute. :)

  7. Anna, yes you do. It's Amber W. I forget sometimes that not everyone knows my nickname. I'll FB you.

  8. I've sort of stumbled upon your blog through mutual friends (I think we have many, namely Cristiana and Sharaya) and I was so blessed to read this, for SO many reasons. I have a similar word regarding dating/God's standards/having a marriage that is not just sub-par survival and I often get the "easy-for-you-to-say-you're-married" response. What was amazing to read here is that you stuck with it in singleness and now in marriage, trusting that a faithful and good God can provide and bless us with a better than "he'll-do" husband. It breaks my heart to hear my dear sisters struggling in unhappy relationships, especially when they become unhappy marriages. I am so blessed on your outlook as you approached marriage, wanting God's man for you. May you lead a richly blessed life hand in hand with him. Thank you for this post. It pretty much made my day!!

  9. wow, this is so good. it totally echo's my hearts cry.
    thank you for sharing!
    breakfast + bananagrams is SO worth waiting for.
    & i am thoroughly encouraged :)

  10. Crazy how much "waiting" speaks to the heart of women! I just met with a girl today and was retelling the story of God releasing the Israelites from Egypt, then the Egyptians start to come after them and God says " I the LORD will fight for you, you just need to be still." Ex 14:14 Funny how God knows what He has for us and sometimes we just need to wait, especially when all the world is running at us...
    Apparently us ladies are get-it-done, fixers and turns out sooooo much is done in the waiting. Hallelujah!
    Amber-I miss you!!!!
    Briana-did you go to the women's all night of prayer?!?! I didn't see you there but there were about 500 ladies :) Glad you like bananagrams...
    Audrey-thank you for your encouragement and I am glad that God was all you desired in the waiting-and you are right, we do share quite lovely friends :)
    Anjuli- I love, love, love your blog!!!! Are you really in Redding? I grew up in Yuba City :)

  11. No way!!!!! That is too wild!!
    I love love love YOUR blog!! It is so inspirational and encourages my spirit!
    I moved to redding from texas almost 2 years ago for a teaching job at Bethel church, and have been loving life, the Lord and california more each day that I'm here!
    Thanks for all the hope that you impart through your words!!

  12. I miss you too Anna! So does my soul. ;-)


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