Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Vacation? Something like that?

So I guess you could say I "vacated" the blog world for awhile. I must say, it was quite lovely. Of course, I was still slightly in love with perusing Instagram and pinterest so my attempt at removing myself from media was not that valiant by any stretch.

Nonetheless, I am back!  I ran out of picture space after my last post-and let's be honest, what are posts without pictures??? Especially without pictures of our little girl?  But somehow, after finally logging back on after over three months, I have discovered that somehow more picture space became available in the blogging land (which I understand nothing about).

I have had so many things on my heart, most of which come out a year that to say the least, wasn't that easy on me. Not because of circumstances per se, but because of my drab ability to see a glass half full and stop being so selfish (yuck-I for certain thought I would arrive someday with this self-I-me thing!).

And I know I want to share so many things. So many things that haven't been put on my heart just to stay in my head and then die a slow synaptic death (or maybe it's fast...axons/dendrites/who knows).  I have had a real year with faith: one that has truly tested what I believe, what I choose to believe, and made me realize how much I am not good at faithfulness when things aren't easy-peasy. Another "yuck-I am really 32" moment.

And in news...we are expecting another little bundle of sheer joy in September!!! Seriously. I know.  Not exactly what we were thinking but last I checked, my plans for my life weren't that excellent and God's plans so far have blown my itty bitty ones out of the water. Look at my husband...and our daughter named Ruth. Way better than my dreams.

Please let me know if there is anything you would love for me to write about and I will do my best.  This will be a slow start back up but hopefully it will be all for Jesus and all for His glory.  I know I am not supposed to stop writing-it wasn't good for me to stop and thus, my heart is answering the call to what God has so clearly placed in my life.

Blabbering done.  Here are two pictures of Ruth.  There aren't enough words to describe her. She is pure joy: I have never seen anything like it. She says "hi" to EVERYONE and smiles with everything in her (and her ELEVEN teeth).  I hope she brings joy to your soul today.

And it's blurry, because she never, ever stops moving (except when asleep). And yes, we did purchase a super-duper nice professional camera but at the rate this bean moves, it is nigh impossible to bust that camera out and get a pic of her.


  1. I was beyond excited when I visited your blog and saw a new post! Even though you do not know me, you are a huge encourager and mentor to me in my walk in faith. Thank you for being you!

  2. Welcome back, pretty lady! And congratulations again on your growing bean!! The blog world definitely missed you. ;)

  3. I commented on your last post and noticed your signature at the bottom that said "and her baby (babies!) and backed up to see what I missed! Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you guys. And is it too soon to call it? I'm going with boy. ;)


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