Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Marriage. Dos anos.

So I am going to write a letter to my husband here. 1) Because I want it to be kept as long as possible. 2) Because I want people to know the beauty that marriage is with a good man.  And that it is humbling.  Good things should always be humbling.

Baby cakes,

I adore you.  I don't know how I ever got so lucky or so blessed.  I really don't.  

I am not worthy of you in any way.  I know you and others might think differently but I know my heart and I know yours and yours is far greater than mine.  But that is why I married you. I want to be more like you. I want to be able to say no to my flesh and yes to Jesus in moments where my will is brought to the table. You are able to do that. You are able to just hug me whenever I am the one who is wrong. You aren't worried about winning with me and you truly treat me as though just being married to me is winning.  

You love our little girl. No wonder she lights up every time you walk in the room. She knows "good."  She knows her daddy.  When I think of how fatherless this world is it brings me to tears to think that our little girl will never know that.  It breaks my heart to think of all of those that are when I see who my dad is and now who you are to Ruth.  I am blessed.  Beyond measure.

And your work ethic.  You NEVER complain. Ever.  I mean except to usher in a back massage :) And you work your tail off.  I love you so much for that.

And your wisdom. I have never seen someone who is able to speak pure wisdom over anyone. I mean I can talk to you about something going on in someone's life you do not know and you literally give the most spot on wisdom. Every time. I have given up on ever trying to 'be right" with you because I have realized I am right by just being married to you.  

You were worth waiting a thousand years for.  (Did you like my Twilight song plug?)  But really, you were.  I am thankful God only had me wait for 29.  

You refresh my soul and lift my hands when I am weak.  You are my biggest fan and I yours.  I want all men to be like you.  And I can't say that about anyone other than you and my dad.

I can't wait to keep learning you.  You delight my soul, protect my heart and cherish my every breath.

And you like Disneyland as much as I do. And road trips.  You don't like ice cream still but you let me eat it whenever and even take me on dates to get it. And you are a mad cook. And cleaner. And house builder/reconstructor/etc. 

I love you.

Even more.

Your wife.


  1. You are both so beautiful together. :)

  2. That was just beautiful Anna! I love you.. =)

  3. What?! Matt doesn't like ice cream? What's not to like?! He is missing out BIG TIME! :) Happy anniversary! Also, thanks for the sweet comment, it made my day! Are you planning on coming to the playdate Monday?

  4. this is so sweet anna! you are so sweet and amazing!

    (loved the twilight song plug.. it's a good one!)

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  6. So lovely! It's so wonderful to see spouses celebrate one another, to take the time to share how lucky they are. :)
    I have to admit, my husband is in the same "good man" boat and I am thankful every day (and recently blogged about it, too!). Praise the Lord for these men, who look to Him in all things and shine His light in our lives and the lives of others. Blessed, indeed!

  7. you guys are too cute! congrats! and here's to many more years =D be blessed

  8. This is beautiful. Your marriage is inspiring.


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