Monday, July 23, 2012


Tonight: our rental property gets goats. Yep. That's right.  One of our good friends has three goats that need a place to live and we so happen to have a yard FULL of 8+ foot tall weeds.  And turns out that God made goats to eat any plants (except for laurels and rhodies) and turns out we have a landscaping venture (we gutted and redid the whole yard last year and didn't maintain it) gone horribly wrong.

And here is my handsome husband with the little guys.  As well as my lame-ooo picture that I had to screen capture from  And I thought buying a pro camera would help my photo skillz.  Or not.

Love, Anna N

*And yes, I never charge my phone. I feel like that "14%" could give some people a slight panic attack.  I like to live on the edge of battery life :)

*Oh, and baby girl got her first tooth today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*And she reaches for me now.  Totally. Smitten. Forever.

*And...tomorrow is our two year anniversary :)


  1. those goats are too cute! you guys can open a petting zoo lol.
    early congrats on your upcoming anniversary!!

    xoxo mila

  2. wow, goats! look at you turning into a little farm lady, haha! and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I can't believe our 1 year is coming up in 2 weeks. Crazy! Marriage is the best, love ya girl! love Katie

  3. That's awesome...all of it...the goats, the tooth, the screenshot and the battery power! I'm only good about charging my phone because my battery dies so quickly. Chris says that it's because I never actually close my app...whatever. :)

  4. Hahaha! I always let my phone go all the way to 1%!! Good to see you and sweet baby girl today!

  5. This is great! Yes, we had goats as a kid and they will definitely solve your weed problems along with adding a bit of fertilizer as they go! :)

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  7. it must be a mom thing...My battery dies ALL the time. like Becca, I never close my apps AND alomaes games zap the life out of my phone! you are in good company :) Happy Anniversary friends. We LOVE you guys!


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