Monday, January 30, 2012

We are ready!

So this might be the last post as "just" a wife/sister/friend/daughter before I add Mother to the titles...

Here is a project I did today-the finishing touch on the nursery!  I made a crib skirt (much harder than I thought and PS: linen shrinks when you wash/dry it so be sure to get extra at the fabric store!) and then painted chevron stripes with the paint from the buffet table. Naturally, I measure nothing and it was freehand chevron (with Frog tape) so please don't look too closely.

And DIY is not cheaper...

And here is the finished nursery!!!  I will take better pics during the day and also not with the IPhone :) My Snow White mirror made it in there.

And, this is husband and I's Sunday :) We finished the book and HIGHLY recommend ALL (I am serious about this one) to read it...married, single, dating, etc. 

And our beautiful friend Rebecca had one of her friends at work make this for Baby Norman...I am in love. She gave it to us before church last night and I held it the whole time :)

xoxo, Anna N

PS: Doc said the baby should come anytime thus this world will soon have a baby with an amazing father and a miraculous God :)


  1. oh the nursery is so great! love the chevron strips! nice work lady. I am so excited for you! funny, last night you were in my dream and you had your baby and it was a girl :) I woke up wondering if you gave birth today. praying for you this week and can't wait to see pics of the little one!

    also, I want to read that book! thanks for another good book suggestion.


  2. The striped crib skirt is a fantastic finishing touch to the nursery. Well done! It looks like a very cozy and inviting place to be.
    I am buying Timothy Keller's marriage book for Chris for Valentine's Day. I've meant to purchase it for awhile. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Don't forget that baby will have an amazing mama too :)

  4. I can't text you because my phone is dead.. :-( HAPPY DUE DATE DAY!!! I love you and the "wee one!"


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